Blackmagic Twist

This action camera is different than all others.
Usually you have to add an external gimbals for a perfect stable shot.
Here the gimbals is integrated, so it can filter shaking from the camera trajectory.

On the upper side is a On-Off slider and a Wifi-Button. The battery is located in the back to be exchangeable easily. The bottom offers a standard tripod thread as well as cooling ribbons for the image processor, motor drivers and motors.

A look into the market, analyzed product functions, the user experience and different ecosystems and extensions.

The target group were professional users who needed a very compact camera which offers stabilized shots. Starting from advanced Youtubers in action sports ranging to special purposes for filmmakers.

Different concept ideas were collected and rated for their potentials.
As a result some concepts were select and combined into different form factors.

Polymodeling in 3ds max was used to create different variations in an efficient way.

The model became very nice – until I started to paint it. So unfortunately I don’t have final pictures of the model.


The name of „Blackmagic“ and any other names on this page are just used as a reference for the design language. All given graphics belonging to their owners.
The company „Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd“ is not related in any way to this project.