Egg Shell

Encouraged to experiment with new materials and methods we should work in a creative way on the task „Shell-Peel-Housing“


My first iteration I started with a very primitive mold setup, due the fact I had no access to the workshop at this time. I poured the glue-shell material into a gypsum mold made from a positive PU model.


After the first success I wanted to achieve a more professional look of the object and a smooth inside. Due the fact that the PU mold was, different to the gypsum, not absorbing the water – it never dried. So there was no way to continue with wood-glue as a compound.


I switched to epoxy and the first test had an astonishing clear look. I built another three-part mold, which unfortunately was not flexible enough to eject the object.

For the final version I used a flexible silicon mold and achieved a perfectly smooth surface.