I’m an Industrial Designer and Engineer who tries to push the possibilities of sustainability in product and hardware design. Novel tangible interaction, product solutions and innovative materials drive my curiousity.

I focus on Hardware Design, Manufacturing with Recycled Materials, Hardware Interface Design, Rendering and Machine Design.


February 2020 to
Halle, Germany

RP Processing UG – „Easymoulds“ – Founder

RP Processing is a company with the focus on processing of recycled polymers. Easymoulds is a brand which designs products and makes moulds for recycled materials. We try to enable companies moving to a more sustainable product development.

September 2018 to
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Precious Plastic – Industrial Design and machine building

Building machines for processing recycled post consumer plastic waste and design products with the materials from those sources.

October 2017 to
April 2018
Berlin, Germany

Teufel – Interaction Engineer Internship

Created interface concepts for better user experiences. Built specialized interaction frameworks for hardware development from scratch.
Designed and layouted new interfaces for active speaker systems. Built hardware prototypes and tested the user flow on users from our target groups.
Prototyped hardware interactions with Arduino and Processing.

July 2015 to
September 2015
Oppenweiler, Germany

ContiTech – Consultant for PTC Windchill PLM Integration

Optimized the integration process of CAD-Files into a PLM System by programming shortcuts.

April 2015 to
September 2015
Wuppertal, Germany

University Wuppertal, Social Augmented Learning – 3D Artist and Animator

Worked at the „Social Agumented Learning“ project – bringing agumented reality into technical education. Converted CAD files to polygon models into the Unity 3D game engine and created animations.

April 2014 to
September 2014
Winnenden, Germany

Proform – Intership Industrial Design

I worked on high end, presentation ready design models and got insights into a professional design agency workflow. Mainly worked for Hilti-Powertools. Organised small production runs with PU-Casting and CNC-Machining.

September 2007 to
January 2011
Esslingen, Germany

Festo – Apprenticeship Draftsperson

Worked on rocket science 3D printing for manufacturing projects. Learned all about manufacturing processes and engineering within multiple CAD-Systems.
Had insights into several departments and visited courses in manufacturing about manual and CNC Lathes & Mills, basics of metal and polymer processing, pneumatic and electrical systems.



Mensch und Computer 2019

SandExplorer: Exploring Geospatial Data, Grain by Grain – In this paper, we introduce SandExplorer: a device to physically explore geospatial data by creating a 2.5-dimensional, topographic sand sculpture. This sculpture is created semi-manually, by moving a handle over a sandbox, which serves as a plotting canvas. The sandbox‘ shape represents the geospatial region the data is about. The amount of sand flowing from the system’s sand reservoir through the handle is regulated by a mapping algorithm, depending on the underlying data. With SandExplorer, users can playfully create a sand-based data ‚physicalization‘.



»SandExplorer« Research im Fachbereich Design an der Bergischen Universität Wuppertal



»Concrete Data« von Friedrich Kegel graviert Daten in Stein – als Veranschaulichung der Tatsache, dass Computer nichts vergessen.


September 2014 to
September 2019
Wuppertal, Germany

Bergische Universität Wuppertal  – Bachelor Industrial Design

September 2011 to
July 2013
Stuttgart, Germany

Technische Oberschule Stuttgart – University Entrance Diploma